The Most Valuable Resource in the World…

Can’t be bought, traded, borrowed, or stolen. Once it’s gone - it’s gone forever. In abundance, it’s considered the ultimate status symbol of success. Your business thrives on it and can’t grow without it. But growing your business consumes a lot of it. And everyone wants more.
Time flies

More Inquiries = More Manual Admin

Prospecting for new customers is an always-on activity. New business inquiries means new business onboarding. It’s notoriously time consuming and constantly needs:

  • Capturing lead generation details

  • Aligning calendar schedules

  • Updating prospect data to your CRM

  • Lead and sales pipeline management

  • Follow up and lead nurturing until sales conversion

There are a lot of moving parts - many performed manually. Data can fall through the gaps and your sales pipeline is not always visible at a glance.

Now You Can Automate New Business Leads

What if you never needed to manually process new business leads again?

  • No more manual CRM data entry

  • No more calendar management

  • No more time wasted on admin tasks that amount to nothing if you don’t close the sale?

Say Hello to Your New Business Leads Dashboard - 100% Automated!

Introducing the automated VA you never have to pay. It’s your automated onboarding of all new business leads giving you:

  • All business leads in one CRM location, automatically onboarded.

  • A new business lead intelligence dashboard across your entire sales pipeline that serves as your central source of truth.

  • Visibility on new inquiries, sales pipeline status, and next steps for converting prospects into paying customers.

  • Sales pipeline management: follow up and lead nurturing made easy.

Kill Data Entry Drudgery Dead in Just 60-Minutes!

This 60-minute course will put a permanent end to manual onboarding of new business leads. By the end of this course you’ll master how to:

  • 1. Add customer self-serve scheduling to your website using ScheduleOnce

  • 2. Create and track your pipeline with 100% visibility on your prospects and next steps in your sales process with Asana

  • 3. Automatically move your prospects through your sales pipeline using Zapier

Automate and Escape…

No more data entry, data silos and scattered prospect details in various places.

This 60-minute course teaches you how to automate your new business onboarding so every new prospect and inquiry is auto-populated into your sales pipeline.

There’s no software to buy (it’s all freemium) and can be set up within 60 minutes.

The Tools We'll Use

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Automate Tireless Tasks

Onboarding new business leads can take up to 20 minutes per prospect. Sales pipeline management adds to your time investment.

This short course will not only give back productive time in your working day, but it’s guaranteed that you’ll never have to worry about manual onboarding and calendar coordination ever again.

Time Waits For No One

And for just $23, this special BLACK FRIDAY offer won’t wait either

  • Time is money, and depending on your hourly rate and worth, it might be costing you more in manual routine tasks than the one-time $49 investment.

  • This course guarantees you automation, freeing your time and talent for other areas of your business and lifestyle.

  • For just $23 (special BLACK FRIDAY price) you’ll unlock time currently spent in repetitive tasks by using the same automated systems large enterprise organizations deploy to optimize their operational workflows and maximize efficiencies at scale.

  • Automated onboarding helps you increase your margins from cost-savings and gives you time back to focus on things you’d rather be doing.

Free Bonuses

You'll also get

  • Email templates

    You can send when prospects are late or miss a meeting. Also included is an email template follow up after your call, to send a proposal or statement of work.

  • Zap to integrate your client onboarding

    Create folders in Google Drive (or other cloud storage), create a user in Quickbooks (or your accounting software) and send clients your welcome email.

  • ActiveCampaign welcome sequence

    The format for a tried-and-tested email sequence template you can send to your new clients.

Automations Work

But don't take my word for it

Dalia Brunschwig

Nutrition Health Coach, Fully in Balance

Thankful to Irit for making such a BIG difference in my process with such a SMALL automation. Irit is the automation "genius". She evaluated my platform to give me the best solution to my needs. As well as providing great friendly tips on how to use other resources for my success at my current situation. I can highly recommend her! Irit can make your business process so much easier with just automating what you have!

Ella Steinmetz-Simon

Director of Operations, Gelt Charitable Foundation

Irit was amazing in helping us set up systems to save time and work. She was so easy to work with and custom designed a great system for our non profit.

Juliana Jackson

Chief Growth Officer, Omniconvert

Irit is by far the most humble, genuine and intelligent person I had the chance to work with. She has vast knowledge and an amazing methodology to help small businesses thrive and become successful. I am always amazed on her natural talent in connecting the dots and delivering outstanding results. I highly recommend her!

Want Automation Done For You?

If you prefer to have your new onboarding system automated for you, order your fast track VIP service and have it done within hours.